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Price : USD 240.00 / 260 Metric Ton

Instruction of QD-PLB-3 B 1000kg
Meltable Bitumen Jumbo Bag
1.Features and advantages:
A.High temperature resistance,oil proof,water proof,non-toxicity,be completely fused with asphalt by mechanical agitation,high bearing stress strength and so on.
B.Light weight,small size,the lowest cost.
C.Convenient in use,transportation and storage.
D.Contain Polyolefin which is a addition agent of building asphalt,modified asphalt and can improve impact resistance and toughness of asphalt.
1000kg: Inner bag:2900(h)Ã2050(w)(±20mm);
Outer bag:1000x1000(Bottom)Ã900x900(Top) Ã1000(h) (±20mm)
Size could be changed in order to comply with customers demand.
3.Quality Index:
The quality of bag conforms to ISO9001:2000 and China National Standard GB/T8946-1988.