Siddex RSA Pty Ltd

Lithium Ore Lump

Price : USD 400.00 / 450 Metric Ton

Petalite is a lithium aluminium silicate similar to spodumene, which studies have shown can be processed via conventional, commercially-proven methods. This means that petalite and spodumene deposits have a lower development and/or environmental risks than unconventional lithium sources such as lepidolite/zinnwaldite (lithium mica) or clay-hosted deposits, the former of which contains flourine Interim metallurgical testwork results indicate an ultra-low impurity petalite concentrate, grading 4.4% Li2O and 0.01% Fe2O3, can be produced from our material This meets Technical Grade lithium concentrate specifications, which command a premium over Chemical Grade products due to their low impurities Specs of our product are as below: Petalite Formula: LiAlSi4O10 or Li2O.Al2O3.8SiO2 Oxide Analysis Formula Li2O 4.86% 1.000 Al2O3 16.65% 1.000 SiO2 78.48% 7.999 Fe2O3 0.2 Ti2O 0.01 CaO 0.01 K2O 0.18 Na2O 0.18 Oxide Weight 612.54 Formula Weight 612.54 DENS - Density (Specific Gravity) 2.45 COLE - Co-efficient of Linear Expansion 0.15 GSPT - Frit Softening Point 1350C M